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An attractive meeting place

Tippoint is a new web-based recruiting site where leading technology companies and students – the experts and doers of tomorrow – meet. In this meeting place companies can offer thesis assignments, summer and training jobs as well as project-based assignments and temporary work with just the right criteria, all conveniently available, which leads to company’s positions filled with suitable persons, almost by itself.

This meeting point provides deep understanding of the expertise and special needs of both parties, which enables effectively functioning search criteria and categorisation that lead to successful meetings in Tippoint.

Tippoint for companies

With Tippoint you ease company’s recruiting process, for both leaders and human resources. This service includes all the leading technology universities in Finland.

Tippoint is a meeting point, where companies can effectively find talents from a wide range of students. Offering thesis assignments as well as internships and summer - and project work is easy and fast with Tippoint.

Be a pioneer with us, to utilize a new concept, which opens a whole new recruiting channel for your company - find the right talents!

Edumax Oy

Edumax Oy's mission is to bring together companies and students in a way, that benefits both parties, leading to co-operation and future recruitments. Edumax has served both companies and universities since 2006 and the company has an extremely wide knowledge of recruiting events, as well as creating company specific service solutions.

Tippoint is developed for companies's needs to find new talents, and at the same time to ease the students's way to find work during studies.

For more information about Tippoint and Edumax Oy, please contact:

Oskari Huttunen
040 5428312

Ville Lyytikkä
045 1241941