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City of Rauma/ Tech Summer Trainee Campaign 2024

City of Rauma/ Tech Summer Trainee Campaign 2024

Sea town Rauma, at Southwest Finland offers a comfortable living environment with high-quality services. Distances at the city are short and there are plenty of casual leisure opportunities.

Rauma is a vibrant city of industry and port; it has a strong industrial base on forestry and maritime. Other top industries are energy, environment and food industries. In Rauma, business is blooming, success is accelerated by advanced subcontracting networks. Companies are constantly looking for new employees and partners.

Rauma is a city of about 39,000 inhabitants, and it’s economy is well managed. Rauma has almost 17,000 jobs, which are about 32% in industry, 66% in services and 1% in primary production. There are about 2500 companies in Rauma, and in terms of large industrial players, Rauma is known for its successful SMEs.

Various cultural events are also organised in Rauma; RMJ Festival in Midsummer, Rauma Lace Week and the night of Black Lace in July, and Ice Hockey Lace Tournament, the chamber music festival Festivo, Rauma Blues and Blue Sea Film Festival in August gather people together from Rauma and all around Finland. In freetime you can also explore maritime tourist islands and our two world heritage sites.

Welcome to Rauma - third oldest city of Finland, where history and present come together!


City of Rauma offer student housing* and a three-month card for city buses (can be changed to a bike) against an employment contract to those with a summer job related to their engineering studies in local companies. The benefits will be valid in June, July and August 2024. The company and the student shall be responsible for making the agreement on the summer job as usual. Company must be located in Rauma. Student is entitled to benefits by showing the employment contract to project manager of campaign.

The campaign is intended for Master of Science students of mechanical engineering, production engineering, maritime technology, building technology, and architecture in Finland’s universities of technology (Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology, Lappeenranta University of Technology, and Oulu University of Technology).

The benefits can be granted to 20-30 students in Rauma. The campaign supports the recruitment needs of companies among the future experts in the fields of engineering.

 * Student housing

Student housing is a one or two bedrooms flat near downtown. If all flats are booked, it is possible to have a voucher for a rental apartment


The application period for the campaign is from 15 January to 10 March 2024.

  • Find a company in which you would like to work in the summer. Use the list of companies below or search through these links:

Teknologiateollisuuden kesätyöpaikat 2024

Meriteollisuuden kesätyöpaikat 2024

Rakennusteollisuus - Jäsenyritykset Lounais-Suomessa ja Satakunnassa 

  • Sign an employment contract with a company – now you can apply for Tech Summer Trainee Campaign
  • Create a profile in Tippoint and find the Engineering Summer Trainee campaign under Open positions. (Separate searches for Turku and Rauma). You will apply for the position with your profile, so you should fill out the information as accurately as possible and attach your CV.
  • Finally write in the message field with which company you have made an employment contract, have you applied for the benefit previously, and will you be working outside the normal summer work period  (1.6. - 31.8.2024).
  • At the latest after the end of the application period, you will receive a notification whether you are entitled to the benefits of the campaign
  • In the first phase, a maximum of 5 campaign places will be allocated per company, so that as many companies as possible have the opportunity to recruit a student who meets the criteria of the campaign


ALFA LAVAL AALBORG OY, https://career.alfalaval.com, Piia Laisti, 050 368 9089, piia.laisti@alfalaval.com

BMH TECHNOLOGY OY, www.bmh.fi/careers/open-positions, Niina Jäpölä, 040 718 8435, niina.japola@bmh.fi

DELTAMARIN OY, www.deltamarin.com, apply here: https://deltamarin.com/corporate/careers/,  Veijo Tuominen, 02-4336614, veijo.tuominen@deltamarin.com

FORCHEM OYJ, www.forchem.com, Harri Määttä, 050 592 6656, harri.maatta@forchem.com

HKSCAN FINLAND OY, https://www.hkscan.com/fi/ura/avoimet-tyopaikat/, Sofia Rajainmäki, 044 019 8919, sofia.rajainmaki@hkscan.com

KONGSBERG MARITIME FINLAND OY, https://www.kongsberg.com/careers/, Veera Nieminen, 040 024 4196, veera.nieminen@km.kongsberg.com

METSÄ FIBRE OY, RAUMA , www.metsafibre.com, Tuomas Kangasmaa, 040 745 0748, tuomas.kangasmaa@metsagroup.com

NARVI OY, www.narvi.fi, Samuli Nurminen, 050 390 6500, samuli.nurminen@narvi.fi

ORAS OY, https://careers.orasgroup.com/fi, Piia Rapeli, 050 324 1346, piia.rapeli@orasgroup.com

PLANNERI GROUP, www.planneri-group.com, Ada Silén, 040 561 4926, ada.silen@planneri-group.com

PLATOM OY, https://platom.fi/en/open-positions/, Juho Ikonen, 044 550 4318, juho.ikonen@platom.fi

RAUMA MARINE CONSTRUCTIONS OY, www.rmcfinland.fi, Mika Valtanen, 050 541 5168, mika.valtanen@rmcfinland.fi

RAUMAN KAUPUNKI - KAAVOITUS, www.rauma.fi, Mervi Tammi, 044 793 3664, mervi.tammi@rauma.fi

RAUMAN KAUPUNKI - TILAPALVELUT, www.rauma.fi, Lauri Sillanpää, 050 529 3030, lauri.sillanpaa@rauma.fi

RAUMASTER OY, www.raumaster.fi, Paula Suominen, 040 674 8117, paula.suominen@raumaster.fi

SATATUOTE OY, www.satatuote.com, Heikki Marva, +358 400 526171, etunimi.sukunimi@satatuote.com

STEERPROP OY, www.steerprop.com/careers/join-us, Terhi Vanhatalo, 040 513 6831, terhi.vanhatalo@steerprop.com

TECHNOLOGY DESIGN AND ENGINEERING ENG'nD OY, www.engnd.com, Petri Pulli, 040 352 6683, petri.pulli@engnd.com

UPM COMMUNICATIONS OY, RAUMAN PAPERITEHDAShttps://upm.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/seasonal_careers, Ainomaija Kylänpää, 040 537 6720, ainomaija.kylanpaa@upm.com



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